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Electronic Memory Studio is based around a large, day lit control room designed by the legendary Fritz Fey and installed by TAS Solingen. There is an adjacent day lit live room and another isolated recording area in the basement with tie lines and instrument cabling between all three rooms. Cabling is Van Damme Blue throughout with Neutrik connectors.

Monitoring is via a calibrated, full range Dynaudio Core midfield monitoring system fit for any mixing and mastering applications.

There is a large selection of outboard, plugins, microphones and backline and a total of 20 inputs and 16 outputs, including up to four different headphone mixes.

In addition to my main studio in Frankfurt I also regularly do sessions at The Cowshed in London so for any bands wanting to track in London please let me know and that can be arranged.

Electronic Memory Studio (Frankfurt):




Rupert Neve Shelford Channel

SPL Gainstation preamp

AEA TRP2 dual preamp x2

Rupert Neve 5012 dual preamp

Universal Audio LA-3A compressor

Rupert Neve Master Buss Processor

Tube-Tech HLT 2A EQ



Neumann U47fet

Neumann TLM 67

Brauner Phantom AE

Neumann KM184 stereo pair

AEA R88 mk2


AEA Nuvo N22

Coles 4038 stereo pair

Sennheiser MD421

Shure SM7b

Shure SM57

AKG D112



Fender Telecaster (vintage 1975)

ESP Viper 301

Fender PM3 all mahogany acoustic

Encore electric bass

Fender Twin Reverb (65)

Marshall JMP 2104 Mk2 50Watt Combo  (78)

Palmer Fab 5

Mesa Boogie V-Twin

Fender Rumble 100 v3

Nord Electro 6 HP

Moog Sub 37

Kawai K5000-S

Big selection of guitar & bass pedals


50ies Ajax kit

Ludwig Acrolite Snare (70ies)

Zildjian Custom K Dark cymbal set

DW 3000 Bassdrum pedal

Yamaha HS740a Hi-Hat Stand

Millennium snare & cymbal stands

Large selection of percussion




RME Octamic XTC

Pro Tools Ultimate

Logic Pro X

Izotope RX 9 Advanced

Audiofile Engineering Triumph



Sonnox, Soundtoys, Softube,

Waves, Massey, McDSP, Melodyne





Dynaudio Core 59 & Core Sub

Samson S-Phone headphone amp



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