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Recent Clients

Some of the fantastic projects I had the pleasure to work on:

Tom Watt (Wolf People):


"I've had the pleasure of working with Stevan a few times on some very different projects and it's always been a pleasure. He has a very well organised way of working and a precise approach to jobs but above all he has a great ear for it and a very relaxed and patient attitude."


Jack Sharp (Wolf People):


"Stevan is everything you'd want from an engineer and producer. He's hugely professional, hard working and knowledgeable, but most importantly he's really good fun to be around. I've worked with Stevan on and off for years, and you always know that sessions are going to go just right, and that everyone involved is going to enjoy themselves."


Polly Rae:


"I had such a great experience working with Stevan on several tracks for my show, I found him extremely professional, reliable, easy to work with and the work he delivered was of the highest standard. I really hope we get to work together again in the future!"


Danny Toeman:


"Stevan is a great producer to work with; friendly and professional. He has a superb knowledge of all the vintage and up-to-date studio equipment in his studio, and he definitely knows, as a producer, how to get a great performance out of an artist. He is also connected to lots of talented session players, which is very useful for any project."


Tom Mansi (Tom Mansi & The Icebreakers):


"Stevan's knowledge of microphones and their placement, room acoustics and the ability to get the maximum out of the equipment available has made recording with him a first class experience. Constantly experimenting to increase his already substantial palette he is never afraid to accommodate another’s opinion, focusing on achieving the best results."


Daniel Churchill (The Damn Jammage):


"We've been working with Stevan Krakovic for nearly a year now. He has not only been a first class engineer for us but an instigator and innovator when it comes down to nurturing our material to produce what is now unfolding as our debut album. On a personal level I've found trying new ideas encouraged but also controlled in a way that is necessary for practical application and execution of experimental rock music but universally accessible to the mainstream. I can't see how this record could have been made the way it has ultimately turned out, working with anyone else. Myself and the band can confront him with nigh on any challenge, from the most unorthodox untried, untested methods, to recording a string section immaculately.“


Paul Mosley:


“Stevan recorded drums and guide tracks for my album 'The Romantic'. The nature of our recording process meant there was a lot of work to do in just 2 days and a lot of potentially awkward file transfers and piecing together of disparate elements to make the sessions work. Stevan was excellently unfazed by all of our technical requirements and a superb creative ear to have on board for the project. Everything went extremely well, and most importantly for me, the end results were superb both as a finished piece in their own right and also for adapting for further use later on. I would have no hesitation in recommending Stevan as an engineer“


Tony Platt (AC/DC, Bob Marley, Cheap Trick, Bad Plus):


“I mixed an album that Stevan had recorded. The success of any mixing job relies very heavily on the quality of the original recording and his recordings were excellent. I would recommend him highly for any studio work.”


James Johnston (Tom Mansi & The Icebreakers):


"Steve is the captain of our ship.

He made such a great sound and vibe in the studio on the album, it really inspired the band and helped us perform.

Steve has an ability to work with limitations of the equipment and studio and push it to and beyond its maximum potential, he took the band to a new level.

His clarity of vision to be faithful to the energy of our live performance and capture what we do on stage was the first time we had recordings that sounded and felt like the Icebreakers do live but with the sonic quality of a modern studio album.

He is a hairy German genius!“

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