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Stevan Krakovic

Stevan Krakovic is a Sound Engineer and Music Producer operating from his own Electronic Memory Studio in Frankfurt and Cowshed Studio in London.


Having started out mastering live recordings by the likes of The Melvins, The Posies & The Donnas for Austrian's cult radio show Subbacultcha Stevan has now come full circle after 19 years of working in London, specialising in mixing and mastering at his new Electronic Memory Studio in Frankfurt (designed by legendary acoustician Fritz Fey and featuring a full range, calibrated Dynaudio monitoring system).

During his time in London Stevan carved out quite a reputation working on numerous successful and critically acclaimed alternative rock and folk records, Stevan often likes to take a very classic approach to production: Working closely with the artists to get the songs and arrangements perfect and the band tightly rehearsed, to be able to go to the studio and capture great performances and emotion in beautiful sounding spaces. At other times modern production, layering sounds and studio experimentation are more appropriate and Stevan will do whatever the artistic vision requires.


Stevan enjoys recording on location (much of Wolf People’sFain“ album was recorded with a mobile setup in an old gatehouse near the Yorkshire Dales) as well as old school recording (all live in a room with no headphones and no overdubs) such as the legendary London folk & jazz collective Whiskey Moon Face’s album, which Stevan recorded.


Longstanding friendships with the bands Wolf People and Tom Mansi & the Icebreakers led Stevan to work on most of their records as well as working on various side projects, such as numerous successful library albums for Boosey & Hawkes.


Through another long term collaborator, musical director Michael Roulston, Stevan also worked with some of London’s finest cabaret acts, including Polly Rae, Dusty Limits, Champagne Charlie, Tricity Vogue and Tom Carradine.


Originally from Frankfurt in Germany Stevan can look back on a 19  year career, which spans from extensive work in UK underground Hip Hop, recording, mixing and producing for Jehst, Scribla & Kyza (Terra Firma), Tommy Evans, Sona Family, Metz &Trix, Kingpin & Manage to working on a long list of alternative rock and folk records for the likes of Ramshackle Union Band, Paul Mosley and The Din amongst others. Other clients include labels like Jagjaguwar and Kartel and corporate clients such as Lufthansa and publisher Renomee.


Since 2009 Stevan runs a small independent record label, Metric Acorn, which has since seen releases by Tom Mansi & The Icebreakers, The Damn Jammage and various others.


Stevan was on the board of directors of the Music Producers Guild (UK) for over six years, heading the Campaigns Group campaigning for proper credits and royalties in the digital world.


After mixing an originals Jazz Album for Katie Birtill (which went straight to number 1 on he iTunes Jazz charts), an album for Mexican/French maestro Paul Bidault  and producing a single with Ghost Face Killah Stevan is currently mixing a prog rock album for Finnish artist Time Reus.


Stevan was nominated and shortlisted for „Breakthrough Engineer of the Year“ in the MPG Awards 2011 and „Breakthrough Producer of the Year“ in the MPG Awards 2012.

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